Tips for Finding a NOLA Lawn Care Service Provider

lawn care I bet you are wondering how you can find the best New Orleans lawn care provider? There are many factors to keep in mind. First you want a professional service that has experience. The last thing that you want is some teenagers destroying your lawn. The next thing to keep is mind is budget. In this type of business there is always room for negotiating. There are no set prices and there is plenty of room and things you can bargain for. You will find that the prices vary from very inexpensive to providers with high prices and demanding contracts.

The next thing to watch out for is yearly contracts. As you know New Orleans is hot most of the year but there are several months that the grass just about dies. Try to avoid any contracts until a provider has proven themselves and read the fine print to make sure they are not cutting the grass in the winter. I personally only hire flexible providers that are willing to take a few months off every year. I usually will have other work for them in the winter months.

Finally if you hire a lawn care service that doesn’t have insurance you could have some serious problems. For me if they break a window its ok my crew will pay for what they break. Just keep in mind that they can just disappear unless you have a copy of their insurance. Hopefully these were some helpful tips and they will guide you to the perfect lawn care provider.

Watch the video below for more information: