Lawn Care Bldg. Needs Foundation Repair Badly

In the United States, concrete slabs are the preferred choice for the foundation to build homes and offices. Concrete slabs are cost effective. Many home owners only notice the concrete slab when pulling up the carpet or replace wood or tile flooring. This type of foundation may be problematic if the ground underneath shifts slowly causing problems. Because of shifting earth, homeowners may require slab foundation repairs.  A settling concrete slab can cause major structural foundation problems including trip hazards, drywall cracks, and doors that do not open and close properly.

Al Sanchez foundation repair company offers residential and commercial applications performed by our certified New Orleans, La installers. Our experienced engineers will guide you through the preliminary project design steps and provide you on the spot technical support. Our engineers are experienced experts in repairing settling foundations, cracks in a dry wall, sagging floor joists, a sinking slab, and building on unsuitable foundation soils. Regardless of your circumstances, Al Sanchez Construction Foundation Repair has the answer and the crew to get the job done correctly.

We are recognized throughout the New Orleans area for quality workmanship that you’ll see in every job we complete. We want to be your first choice for foundation repair in the New Orleans area. Visit for all your foundation repair problems.

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